AWTEC 2024

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Asian Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Series 2024

Invitation from Chair - AWTEC 2024

Dear Ocean Energy Community

It is great pleasure to invite you to the AWTEC 2024 from Oct. 20 to Oct 24, 2024, in Busan, Korea. AWTEC is the sister conference with EWTEC that has been held every even year in Asia region since 2012. However due to the COVID pandemic situation, it was very unfortunate that the last 2 AWTEC conferences have been cancelled. Therefore, your full support and participation in AWTEC 2024 is very important to make it successful and advancement again like the previous events. There will be post sessions in the conference as well as oral presentation sessions.

In AWTEC 2024, not only the typical ocean energy topics like wave, tidal, OTEC, etc. but also the offshore wind will be included, and the special sessions will be organized as the research and development of offshore wind are very active in Asia as well as worldwide.

The venue city, Busan, is the second largest city in Korea and it will be a superlative destination for the AWTEC 2024. With the fully equipped conference facilities, the finest but affordable accommodations and the world-class city infrastructure with overtly friendly citizens and highly qualified meeting professionals, will surely guarantee the success of the AWTEC 2024. All participants will have a series of opportunities to appreciate Busan’s rich natural, cultural, and urban legacies during the stay.

Two technical tours are organized. One is planned during conference to visit marine energy research facilities at KRISO, KIOST and KMOU located in Busan. Another big event is to fly over to Jeju Island to visit renewable energy sites and famous sightseeing places that you will be enjoying outstanding autumn beauty.

I and local organizing committee sincere invite you to AWTEC 2024 and very much look forward to meeting you in Busan in 2024

Prof. Young-Ho Lee Chair of AWTEC 2024