AWTEC 2024

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Asian Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Series 2024



AWTEC is an international technical and scientific conference focused on the ocean energy technologies and development started from 2012. AWTEC was founded as the sister conference with EWTEC being held every even years in Asia. AWTEC’s linkage with EWTEC provides a platform for greater Asia-European researcher interaction, development of international research relationships, and the identification of new methodologies necessary in addressing the challenges in the development of marine renewables.

AWTEC is being recognized as the leading conference in ocean wave and tidal renewable energies and widely respected for its commitment to maintain high standards in the quality of academic and industrial contributions in Asia.

AWTEC will provide the attendees with an ideal forum to engage in knowledge transfer and debate at the cutting edge of marine renewable ocean energy technology and also deliver an update on recent global activities and initiatives with a distinctly special interest in the Asian region. The conference will provide opportunities for researchers, engineers, policy makers and stakeholders to exchange knowledge by profound discussions and recent research presentations and promote international and multi-disciplinary collaboration.


The conference topics listed below span the fields of wave and tidal energy research, ranging from technical issues through to cross-cutting policy, finance and environmental subjects

  • Wave and tidal energy technologies
  • Offshore wind and OTEC and Salinity gradient
  • Offshore ESS technologies
  • Resource assessment
  • Device development and testing
  • Device hydrodynamics and structural mechanics
  • Power take-off and device control and monitoring
  • Device and environmental modeling
  • Environmental impact and appraisal
  • Policy development and legislation
  • Socio-economic impact
  • Grid connection and system aspects
  • Future markets and financing
  • Smart grid technology

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