AWTEC 2024

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Asian Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Series 2024

Local Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)-AWTEC 2024

Conference Chair
Prof. Lee, Young-Ho KMOU
Key Members
Prof. Jo, Chul H.  Inha University (Co-Chair)
Dr. YI, Jin-Hak  KIOST (Program Chair)
Prof. Koo, Weoncheol  Inha University (Administration Chair)
Dr. Choi, Jong-Su KRISO (Technical Chair)

Local Organizing Committee

Prof.  Bae, Yoon Hyeok Hongik University
Mr. Choi, Duck H. KWEIA
Dr. Choi, Hyun J. Green Energy Institute
Dr.  Choi, Hong Yeol K water
Prof.  Choi, Young D.  Mokpo National University
Prof.  Choung, Joonmo Inha University
Dr.  Heo, Man-Woong KIOST
Prof.  Kim, Beam S. Jeju National University
Mr. Kim, Doo S. Norway Embassy in Seoul
Dr.  Kim, Eung S. POSCO
Dr.  Kim, Hyun G. KIER
Dr.  Kim, Kyong-Hwan KRISO
Dr.  Ko, Dong-Hui KIOST
Prof.  Ko, Jin-Hwan Jeju National University
Dr.  Ko, Kwang-Oh Hyundai E&C
Dr.  Koh, Hyeok-Jun Institute for Advanced Engineering
Mr. Koh, Ji Hun K water
Dr.  Lee, Kang H.  KOMERI
Dr.  Lee, Kang S. KRISO
Dr.  Lee, Sang L. KR 
Prof.  Lee, Seung J. KMOU
Dr.  Lim, Chang Hyuck KRISO
Prof.  Nam, Bo Woo Seoul National University
Dr. Park, Min-Su KICT
Prof.  Park, Sunho KMOU
Prof.  Rhee, Shin Hyung Seoul National University
Dr.  Shin, Seungho KRISO
Prof.  Song, Chang Y. Mokpo National University
Dr.  Sung, Hong Gun KRISO
Dr.  Sung, Jin G. KETEP
Prof.  Yang, Chang J. Mokpo National Maritime Univ.

International Technical Committee

Prof.  Chen, Mingsheng Wuhan University of Technology, China
Dr. Hsu, Wen-Yang ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), Taiwan
Prof.  Ikoma, Tomoki Nihon University, Japan
Prof.  Ning, Dezhi Dallian University of Technology, China
Prof.  Takao, Manabu National Institute of Technology, Matsue College, Japan
Prof.  Yang, Ray-Yeng National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan